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We take pride in our diverse fleet, which is a key element of our logistics operations. Explore the details of our fleet that enables us to efficiently deliver goods on time.

Light commercial vans


Cargo trucks

Refrigerated trucks

Planning routes, adapting to changing conditions, and tracking every stage of delivery to meet customers expectations.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that you can count on the efficiency and punctuality of deliveries.



Our fleet consists of various types of vehicles designed specifically for different logistics tasks. From light delivery vans that excel in urban deliveries to powerful trucks capable of transporting even the heaviest loads.
We also have specialized vehicles like refrigerated trucks for the transportation of products requiring specific temperature conditions. Regardless of the type of cargo, we have the means of transportation tailored to every task.

Light delivery vans are versatile vehicles that enable fast and flexible deliveries. They allow us to meet our customers’ needs for transporting smaller-sized goods.

This is the perfect solution for shipments that require efficient delivery in urban areas and for short distances.

Cargo trucks are the backbone of our fleet and serve as a robust driving force in our logistics operations. We offer various types of trucks, from standard to specialized, enabling the transportation of goods of various sizes and requirements.

With them, we are capable of handling both domestic and international deliveries, ensuring timeliness and reliability.

Temperature-controlled transport is invaluable tool for transporting food products and other goods that require controlled temperatures. We have modern vehicles with advanced cooling systems that ensure your products remain fresh and pristine throughout the transportation journey.

This is crucial for maintaining the quality and safety of food and other temperature-sensitive products.