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In today’s dynamic world, logistics relies on advanced technologies that enable efficient and reliable supply chain management.
We strive for continuous improvement in the quality and efficiency of our services by harnessing the latest technological advancements.


Our commitment to innovation covers a wide range of areas, including the automation of logistics processes, solutions based on artificial intelligence, and advanced data monitoring and analysis tools.
Thanks to these solutions, we are able to deliver services at the highest level, meet unique customer requirements, and become a partner you can always rely on.


All our vehicles are equipped with advanced GPS monitoring systems, allowing us to track each vehicle in real-time. This means we are always fully aware of the location and progress of our deliveries, enabling us to respond quickly to any changes in routes and traffic conditions.

and Optimization

Our fleet is equipped with advanced automation systems that help us optimize routes by predicting the most efficient delivery paths. Our artificial intelligence and data analysis-based solutions enable us to respond quickly to changing road conditions.


We are committed to caring for the natural environment. Our vehicle fleet is equipped with the latest ecological and energy solutions. We employ technologies that reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to the protection of our planet and the creation of a more environmentally friendly future.


Our technologies not only affect efficiency but also delivery safety. We employ monitoring systems for transport conditions, which are crucial for the transportation of goods that require special conditions, such as food products or medicines.


Logis4You is committed to continuous improvement and innovation in the field of logistics. We take pride in the results we have achieved, and our numbers speak for themselves.

By working with us, you choose a partner who not only delivers top-notch logistics but also cares for the environment and constantly strives to improve efficiency

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Less energy

Our advanced technology has reduced energy consumption by 20%, contributing to economic savings and environmental conservation.
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Less CO2
in the air

Thanks to our efforts, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have been reduced by 15%, helping combat global warming.
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Logistics operations have allowed us to achieve an impressive 99% on-time delivery rate, significantly increasing service reliability and customer satisfaction.

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